THE SYSTEM - HE'S IN LOVE WITH HIMSELF (unreleased in the 60s)

THE SYSTEM - 'He's In Love With Himself' (Get Hip GHAS-5012) 1997

I'm really enjoying my focus on 'Flower Bomb Songs' at this present time bringing previously unreleased and possibly unknown (to many) recordings from the mid to late 60s. One of my all-time favourites is 'He's In Love With Himself' by The System.

When Get Hip Records released their stupendous double album set "Free Flight" (Unreleased Dove Recordings) they did not know the name of the combo from an acetate marked 'I Just Don't Know/'He's In love With Himself' and on the Get Hip label they were simply marked ?

Since the Dove Recordings were released the name of the band has been unmasked as The System, a five piece group from the Edina/Hopkins area of Minnesota. Both sides of the acetate were recorded at the Dove Recording Studio in Bloomington.

The killer fuzztoned garage psych cut 'He's In Love With Himself' was slated as the B-Side but sadly for whatever reason, no commercial release occurred, and The System would remain relatively unknown and unheard in the 60s. 

Excelent information about The System can be found here


  1. Wow! Pretty cool unissued stuff and real fine compilation. Tanx for the tip.


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