THE PERILS - 'Hate'/'Baby, Do You Love Me?' (Velva Records V-7484) October 1966

A recent purchase was this obscure 45 by The Perils, from Hart in Texas. At $100, the record wasn't cheap, but it looked unplayed when I made the purchase and it sounds great. Not much information about The Perils exists online or within the reference books I've got so if anyone knows more about them get in touch!

'Hate' is a sinister sounding garage punker which is quite basic in it's construction. The singer ain't a happy bunny and he fucking hates his girlfriend for some reason.

"Hate you girl,
I don't want you girl
I don't need you girl,
I hate you girl."

'Hate' was compiled back in the 80s on 'Texas Flashbacks Volume 4' but as far as I know the flip, 'Baby, Do You Love Me?' remains unknown. This one is a fratty number with a fast tempo but sadly without any guitar break that would have made it much better..... but it's worth a listen.