THE EPICS - 'Louie Come Home'/'Give Me A Chance' (Zen Records 202) April 1965

The Epics possibly came from the Bakersfield area of California, although that is my educated guess concluded because producer Leo Bowden had a recording studio in Bakersfield. This was their only release.

'Louie Come Home' is a frat style version of Richard Berry's 'Louie, Louie' with a combination of gruff style vocals mixed with falsetto. At first I didn't like this song that much but over time it's grown on me. I first heard this one on the 80s compilation 'Highs In The Mid Sixties - Volume 1'.

I actually bought this 45 for the flip 'Give Me A Chance' which as far as I know remains uncompiled. The song is a crude mersey beat influenced number. The label provides a credit of four surnames: Dumble, Ward, Concelez and Iger. Maybe they were the guys in The Epics?