THE AMERICAN FOUR - 'Stay Away'/'You I'll Be Following' (Norton 7N7) 2006

This single released by Norton Records collects a couple of pre Love demos from 1965 and is an essential nugget for fans of that superb group. I don't know how many copies were pressed but I'm sure they'll still be around.

Both songs are Arthur Lee originals with an interesting run through an earlier take of 'You I'll Be Following' when the group were billed as The Grass Roots. Of major interest to 60s garage fans will be the rather crude demo of 'Stay Away' recorded under the moniker of The American Four.

According to Johnny Echols, the name The American Four was proposed because of the influx of British bands during 1964/65. Arthur Lee wanted it to be known that his band were American which of course went against the then current trend of US combos calling themselves after something English/British.

'Stay Away' was recorded in Buck Ram's living room. He was the Manager of The Platters and had a studio set up at his home in North Hollywood. It's certainly a primitive demo recording and sounds like it was a one take job, especially the guitar break, which is all over the place.

***bonus points to Norton Records for giving this release number 7N7***