THE WRENCH - 'The Day Is Hard'/'You'll Understand' (Dore 824) 1969

Here's an obscure 45 by The Wrench on the Dore label. Not a great deal has been written about The Wrench (they are not mentioned in 'Fuzz, Acid And Flowers') and both sides of this release are non compiled. However, MTM notes in his 'Teenbeat Mayhem' book that they hailed from the State of California.

'The Day Is Hard' is a crude trippy number with a primitive backbeat laced with jangle guitar and wah-wah. The vocal delivery is languid and has both male and female members taking lead. Both sides were written by Gary Scott, so he may have indeed handled the vocals.

'You'll Understand' is similar in sound but is perhaps more melodic with a dreamy almost lysergic sound. It's the kind of psych ballad that I usually seek out for regular listens.

This is the only record I have that was released on the Dore label but I've heard others by The Syndicate, 'My Baby's Barefoot' and Opus Five, 'Coming Home'/'Haight (In Haight Ashbury) Street.' 


  1. Both sides have been compiled on the 2018 Make Mine Mondo! release on ACE. "You'll Understand", heard without reading the release notes ahead of time, would be hard to distinguish from various lo-fi releases in a similar vein from around the turn of the 21st century. In that sense, it came across to me as far ahead of its time. Though, rather than this release being ahead of its time, the listening experience more objectively considered demonstrates more recent lo-fi artists' familiarity with, and hauntologic attempts to invoke, obscure 45s of the original lo-fi era.


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