THE STREYS - 'She Cools My Mind'/'I'm Feelin' Lovey' (B-W Records 635) August 1968

This is an absolute crackin' 45 by The Streys, a combo from Wooster in Ohio. It turned out to be their one and only release which is a great loss at it's obvious that they had something really going with these two songs.

'She Cools My Mind' is an urgent guitar and organ raver with a cool lead guitar break that takes the song to another level. It was originally compiled back in the late 80s on Pebbles Volume 16. I've got Freddy Fortune to thank for hippin' me to a seller who was offering mint copies of the disc for sale last year.

The flip 'I'm Feelin' Lovey' is also good, this time though the sound is a little more relaxed with some pumping bass runs and classy organ embellishments. The production adds some echo.