THE RAIN PARADE - 'This Can't Be Today' (Warf Rat SLP 0183) 1983

The compilation LP titled 'Warf Rat Tales' was released in small quantity during 1983 and as the liners suggest, contained tracks from the murky bowels of L.A.
Underground acts compiled were The Last, 100 Flowers, The Leaving Trains, Wednesday Week, Pothead, The Clockwatchers, The Question? and of course the wonderful Rain Parade.

The Rain Parade have two songs included, 'I Look Around' and 'This Can't Be Today', both are earlier versions of songs that would be re-recorded for their stunning album of 1984 'Emergency Third Rail Power Trip'.

Reading the liners of 'Warf Rat Tales' it becomes clear the the phrase 'the paisley underground' hadn't been coined yet as there is no mention of that particular tag, although they do state...

"This is garage music by the way, raw, loud, real and best of all , it's alive, which is more than I can say for...but no, let's not say bad things about the dead".  

The music contained within the vinyl grooves of 'Warf Rat Tales' is not my idea of garage, it's mostly early 80s indie music with screechy guitars and not particularly that interesting to me apart from The Rain Parade songs, which is why I bought this disc in the first place.

Matthew Piucci (guitar/vocals)
David Roback (guitar/vocals)
Will Glenn (keyboards/tambourine)
Steven Roback (bass/vocals)
Eddie Kalwa (drums)


  1. the CD version of this has bonus tracks including an early version of 'look both ways'


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