THE FRONT LINE - 'Got Love'/'I Don't Care' (Atlantic AT.4057) December 1965

San Rafael, CA was the base for The Front Line, a short lived group of outsiders who only released one single, then were gone....but not forgotten

I first heard 'Got Love' back in the 80s on the 'Mayhem & Psychosis' compilation and thought it was killer. It's a short (under two minutes) and snappy garage swinger which doesn't let up from the blistering intro. The fuzztoned guitar and uptempo pace together with the quick vocal responses make for a thrill ride that can be described like the sound of The Yardbirds on some speed pills.

The Front Line were originally called The Turtles and obviously dropped that name when the latter hit the big time and so The Front Line were born. Three recordings exist cut for Trident Recordings. These remained unreleased until Big Beat compiled them on the CD 'Sing Me A Rainbow.'

Earlier takes of 'Got Love' and 'I Don't Care' along with another previously unknown song 'Need You No More' which sounds great and is something of an R'N'B punker with fierce guitar and harmonica bursts.

Sometime during the Summer of 1965 The Front Line signed with Hollywood duo Charlie Green and Brian Stone (who managed Sonny & Cher) and they re-cut 'Got Love' and 'I Don't Care' during August which became their one and only release.

Gary Phillipet (bass)
Dennis Lanigan (harmonica, organ)
Jim Brewer (rhythm guitar)
Rex Larsen (lead guitar)
Bill Bowen (drums)

After The Front Line called it quits Gary Phillipet continued in the music business with Copperhead followed by Earthquake. Drummer Bill Bowen rattled the skins for The Sons Of Champlin.

***the grainy Front Line pix were scanned from the booklets of 'Sing Me A Rainbow' and 'Love Is The Song We Sing' ***