MUSIC EMPORIUM - 'Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo'/'Times Like This' (Sentinel 4-501) November 1968

This four member group from Los Angeles were one of the many underground psychedelic groups from the State of California who seemed to go unnoticed at the time but have gained an enormous reputation since the 60s.

Music Emporium recorded an album of self composed songs during late 1968 at Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood. These recordings were only demostrations with the intention of sending the music to record labels in an attempt to secure a deal.
However, Sentinel Records were so impressed with the demo album they released it in small quantity in 1969. From what I've read, the members of the Music Emporium weren't impressed that the album was released without them having the opportunity to change some things and perhaps re-record the vocals on some of the songs.

In my opinion the record sounds perfect as it is in it's 'demo' form. Only 300 LPs were pressed in 1969 but it's seen many bootlegs over the years. Fortunately, Sundazed Records secured the mastertapes and remastered the music for an official re-issue in 2001.

Sentinel released a single before the album and in November 1968 'Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo'/'Times Like This' came out in small quanitity. The single is hard to find and isn't offered for sale that often.

'Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo' is a blistering organ dominated psych rocker with some mindbending acid lead guitar runs and far out vocals, the buddhist chant like male/female harmonies are particularly impressive.

More information about Music Emporium can be found on The Active Listener  

pic scanned from the Sundazed CD booklet of their Music Emorium release