THE IN-KEEPERS - 'Daily News'/'Everytime' (RCA 47-9713) 1969

I don't know much about The In-Keepers apart from knowing that they released two singles on RCA during 1969 that probably didn't get passed the promo stage.

I've did some digging and it appears that the composer of all four Inn-Keepers songs spread across two singles was Steve Burnett.

He was the leader of a male/female folk rock group called The Swingin' Six who enjoyed some local fame. It's believed that they hailed from New England.
The Swingin' Six released a single on Decca called 'Pack Your Bag' and an album titled 'For The First Time'..

'Daily News' is an interesting song that will appeal to soft-sike fans...

THE IN-KEEPERS - 'That Was Just His Thing'/'The Cobweb Threads Of Autumn' (RCA 74-0229) August 1969

"God created man,
God created woman
And they created."

Religion and late 60s psych collide with this creepy number...trippy Association style la-la-la's, fuzz, sinister voice, strings and brass flourishes...all this equals 'Flower Bomb Songs' worthy...

I reckon The In-Keepers would have looked like cool hippies with shortish hair but with black goatie beards in black threads and wearing crimson rosary beads around their necks....
The flip 'The Cobweb Threads Of Autumn' is a sunshine pop effort that's real tight and well produced. Curt Boettcher fans will dig this one.

Just out of interest, the producer for both In-Keepers 45s was Pierre Maheu who also produced the garage classic 'Gotta Get Some' by The Bold.