THE COLLECTORS - 'Looking At A Baby'/'Old Man' (Valiant Records V-760) March 1967

One of the many great groups of the 60s were The Collectors, well at least they are in my world. They don't appear to have recieved that much attention in fanzines and the trendy music magazines over the years, many of their vocal harmony pop psych songs have never been compiled before, making them even more of a mystery I suppose. Back in the mid 80s Edsel put out a 'Best Of' LP collection but that was almost thirty years ago!

I've written about The Collectors before, go here for enlightenment. 'Looking At A Baby' surfaced on the Rhino CD 'Hallucinations' back in 2004. What a fabulous compilation that is, I can't believe it's almost ten years since this came out. But disheartening that they never dug even deeper in the WEA Vaults for another 'Hallucinations' set...

According to the liners The Collectors signed to Valiant records in January 1967 and recorded both songs on this disc at Columbia Studios in Los Angeles. 'Looking At A Baby' was a deserved hit in Canada but no where else. The flip 'Old Man' is a reflective psych cut with inspired vocals harmonies. At this point in their career The Collectors were the equal of The Association, a group with similar vocal harmony dynamics.


  1. A terrific track which shows the group to be excellent writers as well as ace musicians. It is odd that many fine Canadian groups (such as the Paupers, Kensington Market, Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck as well as the Collectors) have not had their many fine non album 45's compiled.


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