THE GRETTA SPOONE BAND - 'Close Your Eyes'/'I Do Believe You're Dreaming' (Pompeii 45-66694) 1968

Here's another record I bought back in 2005, at the time nothing was known about the weirdly named Gretta Spoone Band but since then group members have been located and their story has been told here.

They were quite an odd-ball Dallas bunch and if this record is anything to go by, sounded nothing like their contemporaries from Texas. Infact I think the lo-fi sound is very unique. Hopelessly uncommercial with little or no chance of any chart success but it's a personal fave of mine.

'Close Your Eyes' has a late night pop psychedelic feel to it with it's floaty charm, hazy melody and metronomic rhythm. Reminds me of the sound on those late 60s Capitol albums by the likes of Gandalf and The Common People.

'I Do Believe You're Dreaming' also holds my interest and apparently is about a man who talks to birds.