DEL SHANNON - Thinkin' It Over'/'Runnin' On Back' (Liberty LBF 15061) April 1968

During September 1967 Del Shannon started recording songs that would make up his psychedelic album 'The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover', considered by many to be his finest work and an album of baroque psych beauty.

The first fruits of these 'Westover' sessions resulted in the release of 'Thinkin' It Over'/'Runnin' On Back'....both sides were strong contenders for a hit but the top side 'Thinkin' It Over' written by Shannon/Beau James failed to sell.

These recordings were produced by Dugg Brown who also worked with hippie group Southwind. Infact Del recorded a song called 'New Orleans (Mardi Gras)' which was written by Southwind bass player Jim Pulte.

DEL SHANNON - 'Gemini'/'Magical Musical Box' (Liberty LBF 15079) June 1968

This double sided piece of psychedelic magic is my all time favourite Del Shannon single and is perhaps his most difficult one to find. I had this in my Ebay search engine for a solid four months before someone offered it for sale.

Fortunately for me I only had a couple of competitors interested in buying it and my bidding power managed to kill off their

Hardly any of 'The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover' albums exist in MONO as only stereo copies were sent to the shops for sale. So the best place to hear these great songs in glorious MONO is via this 45....

'Gemini' is an absolute gem. I actually feel sorry for Del Shannon that no one was really interested in buying his records back in 1967/68 as he was clearly a master of his talents with the killer songs to match.

'Magical Musical Box' is stunning baroque psychedelia. There isn't a finer example, it's just simply beautiful. It's got a very trippy feel to it and the lyrics are somewhat unnerving and full of paranoia....pure sonic bliss

DEL SHANNON - 'Sweet Mary Lou'/'Comin' Back To Me' (Stateside SS 8025) September 1969

This is my final Del Shannon record under the spotlight. I hope you've all enjoyed my uploads, all written on the spot while listening to Del...

He more or less had a year out as he was crest fallen that his psychedelic genius hadn't been recognised and it's been written that he felt 'washed out' during this period in time. It is known that he kept himself busy producing a group called Smith and writing songs with Brian Hyland.

He was tempted out of the wilderness by Dunhill Records and started recording his own songs again. Only a handful of these recordings found their way onto singles.....'Sweet Mary Lou'/'Comin' Back To Me' being the first.

These are both late 60s rockers with great hooks and vocals. Produced by Steve Barri and Joel Sill at Western Studios in Hollywood during April 1969