DEL SHANNON - 'She'/'What Makes You Run' (Liberty LIB 55939) January 1967

Killer version of 'She' and as much as I love The Monkees I've gotta say that Del Shannon's earlier version is far superior. His vocals really cut through with some menace as he spits out some lines. Great organ sound and pure Sunset Strip, but no-one was listening.

Max Crook was also back in the groove and brought along his musitron to the sessions at Hollywood Sound Recorders during November 1966.

Production by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart for Screen Gems Inc.
The flip 'What Makes You Run' is perfect pop and was recorded some time prior to the Boyce and Hart sessions.

DEL SHANNON - 'Mind Over Matter'/'Led Along' (Liberty LIB 10277) June 1967

Del embraced the psychedelic tinged pop music that was spreading around the world at a zealous pace in 1967 and in my opinion this period of his career produced his best artistic work.

A chance meeting in London with Andrew Loog Oldham, producer of The Rolling Stones, reaped dividends when he was asked to record some songs with him at Olympic Sound Studios in London.

Much of the material brought to the studio was written by Immediate songwriters including Billy Nicholls and Jeremy Paul Solomons. By the end of the four day recording sessions Shannon had enough songs for an album but any plans to release a long player were scrapped when 'Mind Over Matter'/'Led Along' flopped.

Most of the songs proposed for an album were never released during the 60s and it wasn't until the late 70s when they were retrospectively compiled on an album called 'And The Musc Plays On'

 DEL SHANNON - 'Runaway'/'He Cheated' (Liberty LIB 55993) October 1967

One last single was released in 1967 from the London sessions, an updated and slower version of 'Runaway'..This is my Dutch release and it's MONO with overdubbed applause. A version exists without the applause.

The record proved to be another flop in most countries around the world apart from Australia where it went Top 20. 'He Cheated' on the flip is exclusive to this record. All other 'Runaway' releases had 'Show Me' as the B-Side.

Del in London 1967 - photo dowloaded from Cherry Red website