DEL SHANNON - 'Mary Jane'/'Stains On My Letter' (Stateside SS-269) March 1964 (UK Chart #35)

Today is the start of a run through most of Del Shannon's single releases in Britain from 1964 to 1969, starting with this one.... Still very much in teener ballad mode. 'Mary Jane' was the plug side but I think the flip 'Stains On My Letter' is more interesting...Del has got the 'girl blues' real bad and as he writes to her his tears are dripping on the paper...Keep your cool Del, she'll be all yours tomorrow without having to turn on the waterworks.

Backing band The Royaltones...

DEL SHANNON - 'Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun) /'Broken Promises' (Stateside SS-368) January 1965 (UK Chart #3)

Del's last big hit in Britain and more or less the end of any of his records hitting the top 40 ever again. (Apart from the next release 'Stranger In Town')

Both sides recorded at Bell Sound Studios, New York during October 1964

DEL SHANNON - 'Stranger In Town'/'Over You' (Stateside SS-395) March 1965 (UK Chart #40)

Both songs recorded at the October 1964 sessions that produced the previous big hit 'Keep Searchin'....this cut was intense and moody with a dramatic production by Harry Balk....The flip 'Over You' is also a cool number.

This was the last time Del made the Top 40 in Britain probably because by mid '65 the kids wanted beat groups. Solo guys from the late 50s and early 60s were no longer in vogue.

         DEL SHANNON - 'Break Up'/'Why Don't You Tell Him' (Stateside SS-430) June 1965

Both sides recorded at Bell Sound Studios, New York during March 1965....'Break Up' features Del Shannon's trademark vocals and a backbeat of clattering tambourine, some crunchin' guitar and an organ solo sounding like Max Crook's musitron., but I don't know for sure if it was thee musitron from the 'Runaway' days in 1960/61...

DEL SHANNON - 'Move It On Over'/'She Still Remembers Tony (Stateside SS-452) Sept 1965

Hard driving '65 rocker with the teenbeat sound, this cut made an entry in 'Teenbeat Mayhem' and can be found on one of those 'Teenage Shutdown' compilations.

Definately Del Shannon's edgiest song which sadly flopped. According to his friend Dan Bourgoise, Del was so depressed that his records were no longer getting in the charts that he actually thought about quitting the music business during this period.

He also remembered Del throwing a box of 'Move It On Over' singles into Gun Lake, Michigan....It's now a sought after disc and one of the most difficult of his to find on Stateside...

Several years ago a Dutch record collector sent me a scan of his 'Move It On Over' pic sleeve.....Jim W is now missing in action from the internet...but credit where credit is due....this one's Jim's..

Cashbox - August 1965