CHRISTOPHER COLT - "Virgin Sunrise" / "Girl In The Mirror" (Decca F 12726) January 1968

This performer is a complete mystery to me and I suspect he was for the people who compiled Rubble #17 as their liners don't reveal anything about Christopher Colt at all. The B-Side 'Girl In The Mirror' is equally compelling. I recently acquired this 45 and it's currently valued at about £40 (Record Collector Price Guide 2014). As you know this is just a 'guide' price, expect to pay a lot more if you ever find a copy for sale.
'Virgin Sunrise' is a beautiful homage to a British Autumn morning and the evocative lyrics really colour the scene of a new or 'virgin sunrise' superbly. The song is pure psychedelic period Donovan, full of charm and completely beguiling.

"I feel the breath of the morning
Tops of the trees are warmed with the sun.
Everything 'round me is waking,
Chimneys feeling the day has begun."



  1. Hi,

    I love this song too! Discogs give Christopher Colt as an alias for Chris Simpson of the ban Mangna Carter - I have no idea if this is true!

  2. I can confirm that Christopher Colt is indeed is Chris Simpson Of Magna Carta do i know? He is a good friend and confirmed it to me.

  3. I loved this record from the first coupla bars. Some records are just utter quality. A total winner.

  4. One of the best ever tunes ever and in my top 10 for all time.


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