WIL MALONE - 'Wil Malone' (Morgan Blue Town B.T. 5005) re-issue

Don't let the lysergic lettering or the unbelievably garish outfit that Wil Malone is wearing on the album cover misguide you to think that tripped out psychedelia is housed within. Granted, some of the songs have some clever psych studio FX but the music to my ears is introspective pastoral folk with baroque embellishments.
All of the songs have at least some acoustic guitar, oboe, cello, flute and euphonium. Wil Malone's vocals are wistful and dreamy which paints each of his own compositions.

The album was originally released in July 1970 on Fontana but sold poorly, maybe only a few hundred were bought by collectors and as such an original copy commands upwards of £1,500.
Fortunately, Record Collector magazine here in the UK re-issued the album a couple of years ago in their Rare Record Club limited to 750 copies. It was only available to order via the magazine and sold out in months.

I've chosen 'Catherine Wheel' to represent the long-player which comes highly recommended.

Soon after this release Wil Malone took up arranging full time and has been in hot demand for decades.
By the way he was a member of English pop psych outfit The Orange Bicycle who released several records on Columbia and Parlophone during the mid to late 60s.