THE MASTERMINDS - 'She Belongs To Me'/'Taken My Love' (Immediate IM 005) September 1965

This week I was really pleased to find a copy of this one and only 45 by The Masterminds...they were a beat group from Liverpool who were one of the first groups to be signed by Andrew Loog Oldham to his newly formed Immediate label.

Sadly, this record went to nowheresville and The Masterminds soon broke up. Guitarist/vocalsist Joey Molland then became a member of The Iveys who would change their name to Badfinger who were a bit more successful.
I'm not sure if Joey Molland was lead singer on this. It has been suggested that Jimmy Page played lead guitar on both sides...It's surprising that few English groups recorded Dylan's songs in 1965/66...several American garage bands covered 'She Belongs To Me' though....and others of course!   

The other side 'Taken My Love' is a slow moody beat number with a dramatic vocal ending...sounds like they were on the same kind of path as The Poets.
It's a shame The Masterminds didn't record any more music as their one and only release shows great promise...I wonder what could have been in '66..

Both sides were compiled on a late 80s, early 90s CD titled 'The Immediate Alternative' ...I played it the other day and let's just say that the digitizing technology wasn't that great in 1990...the music sounds like it's had the life sucked out of it.