THE CALIFORNIANS - 'Golden Apples'/'Little Ship With A Red Sail' (CBS 2663) April 1967

This is such a fantastic record by The Californians, an obscure and unknown group from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands of England. They were probably unheralded during the late 60s but must have had enough about them as they released eight singles on three different labels between early 1967 to late 1969.

Most of these releases were harmony pop but on a few sides The Californians pressed the 'lift-off' button and were elevated to the psychedelic clouds in the sky. 'Golden Apples' was their debut 45 from April 1967 and is an eastern tinged psych nugget with their beautiful harmonies. They were no doubt greatly influenced by The Association and The Beach Boys, not only in their band name but stunning music..

'Golden Apples' was compiled on Rubble Volume 17 but the harmony pop of 'Little Ship With A Red Sail' has not troubled the compilers. This record is not easy to find and is quite sought after amongst fans of the Brit psych genre.

taken from 45cat