DEL SHANNON - 'Total Commitment' (Liberty LRP-3479) 1966

Del Shannon's mid to late 60s albums appear to have been overlooked and I've been guilty of that too, but not any more. This year I made it my mission to collect Del's back catalogue from 1964 onwards, I may delve into his pre-1964 recordings at a later stage but for now it's his beat, pop and psych period that burns bright in my mynd.

Back in '66 things were moving so quickly in the music industry that it must have been so hard to keep up with the 'now sound' for old rockers from the early 60s who had previously enjoyed major success but were now considered 'un-hip.'
Del took to the changes of style with ease but sadly his record sales never matched his 'Runaway' period.

'Total Commitment' from 1966 is an absolute gem with worthy versions of some of the hits of the day including 'Red Rubber Ball', 'Under My Thumb', 'The Pied Piper', 'Summer In The City', 'Sunny', 'Time Won't Let Me' and 'Where Were You When I Needed You'....
There are two self-penned compositions on side two, 'Show Me' and 'What Makes You Run'....both stunning pop songs by the way. 'Show Me' sounds similar in song structure to the unreleased 'Stand Up'..

Here are some of the liners from the back of the album written by Dan Bourgoise:

And what does total commitment mean, you might ask. Why was it the title of this album? The real meaning is complex. It cannot be explained. It's a feeling, a state of mind.
Listen to the tracks of the album while staring at the cover and then you will begin to understand that Del Shannon is totally committed to his music. Total committed to entertain you.
Del Shannon IS Total Commitment.

Here's Del's take on the folk-rock boom that was sweeping Los Angeles during 1965/66. After all the place was the epicentre of jangle.....His version of 'Where Were You When I Needed You' is magical with fantastic vocals, production and of course 12 string jangle...