DEL SHANNON - 'This Is My Bag' (Liberty LBY-1320) 1966

The first recordings Del Shannon laid down for his new label, Liberty Records, are present on this disc from early 1966. By now he had relocated to Los Angeles and was utilizing the cream of the crop session musicians and had on board pop producer Snuff Garrett. Also in his corner was in demand engineer Dave Hassinger.

Overall, 'This Is My Bag' is a rather patchy affair with remakes of 'Oh, Pretty Woman', 'Action', 'Kicks' and 'When You Walk In The Room'....I'm not too keen on the soul pop of 'The Cheater' or Del's self-penned mushy 'Hey! Little Star' but 'The Big Hurt' is a classic and was released as a single, another original tune 'For A Little While' is also a solid pop song in which Del mimicks Barry McGuire's gruff vocal attack in parts of the song..

My site is really all about what I've coined 'Flower Bomb Songs' and that usually means the recording has at least some of the following:  it's from Los Angeles circa 1965-1968, is no longer than three minutes, has pure pop harmonies, folk-rock jangle, lysergic panache and some subtle fuzz, althought the fuzz is not of primary importance.

Therefore the song I've chosen to wave Del's flag from 'This Is My Bag' is his jangly remake of the classic Jackie de Shannon penned 'When You Walk In The Room' which is a gem and displays his killer vocals. Classic folk-rock....Del, I salute you....