BIT 'A SWEET - 'Hypnotic 1' (ABCS-640) LP May 1968

Continuing my infrequent posts from my album collection, I present to the unsuspecting reader 'Hypnotic 1' by Bit 'A Sweet....They were formally called The Satisfactions and were one of the premier bands in the NY area, mostly known as a blue-eyed soul act...

Their album on ABC is a top $$$ find and so expect to pay a premium price for a copy...mine is stereo, I don't know if any mono albums are out there, quite possibly, but I've not seen one.

Bit 'A Sweet's most famous cut is the psych garage classic 'Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind' on MGM but it seems that they fully embraced the new psychedelic rock sound for their 1968 album 'Hypnotic 1' which is full of worthy mind-bending experimentation where the band utilize electric sitar, oscillators, primitive synths and trippy phasing. There is MUCH to please the psych head.

I'll focus on The Beatles cover version of 'If I Needed Someone', which is correctly credited to George Harrison on the label but sadly listed as a Lennon-McCartney song on the back cover of the album.

I think it would be difficult to make a bad version of 'If I Needed Someone' as it's a stupendous folk-rock tune. Here though, Bit 'A Sweet turn it into a tripped out piece of psych and make it their own. Such a slowed down killer cool version.

No expense seems to have been spared creating this work with assistance by Steve Duboff, who I know from The Changin' Times..he is listed as providing additional keyboards, percussion and wrote several of the songs on the album. String arrangements by Jimmy "Wiz" Wisner, I've seen his name credited on many releases.
The thick card sleeve includes a neat lyric insert.

I don't think the album sold in any quantity, it may have done reasonable in NY but not beyond their location. Copies of the album are scarce that's for sure but I believe there's been a recent CD reissue.

A white label promo single was taken from 'Hypnotic 1' with edited versions of '2086'/'A Second Time' and is another release for collectors to seek out.

Mitch London (bass, percussion, vocals)
Russell Leslie (drums, vocals)
Dennis DeRespino (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Jack Mieczkowski (guitars, electric sitar, vocals)

Ebay label scan