THE TROPICS - 'Tired Of Waiting'/'Talking 'Bout Love' (Malaco 2003) January 1969

This was the final Tropics single released in the 60s and gone is their garage and folk-rock jangle sound of earlier releases replaced with the progressive heavy dirge sound made popular by Vanilla Fudge.
I'm not convinced by their heavy reading of The Kinks classic 'Tired Of Waiting' although it got a major thumbs up in a Cashbox review..

"Time back Kinks hit returns in a progressiv-ized rendering that could give the side another hot run on the pop sales lists. Track may score."

The heavy organ and fuzz of the flip 'Talking 'Bout Love' is far superior and still remains uncompiled. If and when any label decides to create a comp of Vanilla Fudge influenced 45s I'm sure this one will feature.

Months later and towards the end of 1969 The Tropics changed their name to White Witch. Their line-up to begin with was:

Beau Fisher (bass)
Ron Godert (vocals)
Bobby Shea (drums)
Buddy Richardson (guitar)
Buddy Pendergrass (keyboards)