THE PLYMOUTH ROCKERS - 'Girl From The North Counrty'/'Roll Over Stephen Foster' (Valiant Records V-729) October 1965

Both sides of this disc are pure 'Flower Bomb Songs' with that gorgeous folk-rock sound, so typical of USA 1965. I actually held off from putting this track on my recent 'Dylanisms' compilation because it was lined up for my forthcoming Valiant Records 2CD set.

It's believed that The Plymouth Rockers were from the State of Arizona, some online sources have even suggested Phoenix. How they came to record two singles for Los Angeles label Valiant Records is uncertain but it's clear that the group possess the '65 Sunset Strip sound.

'Girl From The North Country' is a fabulous version of the Bob Dylan tune. I actually heard a version of the song by The Blue Things first before I'd even heard Dylan's original. The Plymouth Rockers certainly capture that sound I love and need to hear daily. The flip 'Roll Over Stephen Foster', a Tim Rose composition, has a much more aggressive jangle folk-rock attack..

Both songs have never appeared on any compilations in the past.


  1. Colin - I know there were a bunch of Plymouth Rockers. I have also heard that this band was from the Phoenix area. Do you know from where the Plymouth Rockers that recorded Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Around and Around for Warner Bros. happened to be? Not the same band is it?

    Thanks in advance

    See you On The Flip-Side.

  2. Morgan - The record you speak of is the same Plymouth Rockers. "Around And Around" / "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" was released in November 1964.
    They are listed in 'Teenbeat Mayhem' as being from the AZ area, nothing more specific.

  3. Thanks Colin. I see the Addrisi Brothers -- who wrote That's When Happiness Began for The Grains of Sand (the next release on Valiant) - also wrote Walk A Lonely Mile, the flip of the Plymouth Rockers' Don't Say Why.

  4. The Plymouth Rockers' producer emphatically told me that the group was formed in Los Angeles. They played Tucson on New Year's Eve 1965 and "Don't Say Why" got some airplay in Phoenix (appears as "Hit Bound" on a 1966 KRUX radio survey), but he says none of the members were from Arizona and he didn't know of any other links to the state. A couple of the guys turned up later in the group Summerhill on Tetragrammaton.

  5. Matthew Moore was a member of The Plymouth Rockers. He joined later the Psych Band "Moon"


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