THE MOTLEYS - 'Louisiana'/'I'll See Your Light' (Valiant Records V-724) September 1965

The Motleys are believed to have originated from Los Angeles, I'd like to think that they were a group in their own right but they may have been simply a studio creation fronted by Barry DeVorzon who founded Valiant Records.

'Louisiana' was co written by DeVorzon and is a pleasant folk-rock made pop rocker with a fabulous guitar break which was re-hashed from The Lost Ones song 'Little Annie' (also co-written by the same songwriting team).

The flip 'I'll See Your Light' is a superlative folk-pop winner with some compelling vocal harmonies and a dramatic edge. It's a curio that both sides remain uncompiled. I'll make them available on my Valiant Records 2CD compilation coming soon.

A second 45 was released on Valiant during March 1966, this one appears to be quite difficult to locate.
'You'/'My Race Is Run' can be found on those horrible 'Turds On A Bum Ride' comps.

Billboard - October 1965