THE LORDS - 'She Belongs To Me'/'On The Road Again' (Valiant Records V-725) September 1965

The Lords are a mystery, virtually nothing has ever been written about them although they did get a mention in both 'Fuzz, Acid and Flowers' and 'Teenbeat Mayhem' but it appears that their line-up is a mystery and both sides of their one and only 45 have yet to see a compilation appearance.

'She Belongs To Me' and 'On The Road Again' are successful Bob Dylan cover versions done in the folk-rock style with 12 string jangle,clattering tambourine and in the case of 'On The Road Again' some sneering vocals and harmonica.

Hopefully one day someone from the group will read this review and get in touch.


  1. Phenomenal song. Great find!

  2. Hi I stumbled on this on youtube and commented there as well. My father is the person singing on this song."The Lords" AKA "The Lords of London" and AKA The Bundys were originally from Durango,Colorado (a different band from Toronto called themselves The Lords of London also a coupe years later, not the same band). The members were my father Tommy Beuten guitar and vocals, Gerry Jimerfield guitar and vocals, Rodger Jones bass and vocals or Jerry Schoenfeld bass and vocals and Sid Levell Drums. I have stumbled on two other songs on you tube they did as the Lords of London "Little Lonely Summer Girl" and "Stay Away". Do you have a post of the B side?? Thank you Darrell Beuten


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