Since my last update four weeks ago I've been busy remastering, scanning labels, designing a cover and putting together a fabulous collection of Bob Dylan songs recorded by mid 60s folk-rock and garage bands.

I've called this collection "dylanisms" and as far as I know this is the first ever time something like this has been done. In the past compilers have focused on records that sound like Dylan.

Once again I have decided to keep copies to an initial run of five which will be on a 'first come first served' basis. I prefer not to over burden my collections so have kept the tracklist down to twenty songs with the majority having been recorded during those important years of 1966 and 1967.

Some cuts are comped for the first time but all are sounding better than ever before having been mastered direct from mono 45s or in the case of Bobby Comstock & The Counts and The Human Beinz from a stereo album. I then use iZotope RXII software for remastering the sounds to digital.
I've used a vinyl style CDR for than vintage look and the wraparound sleeve is printed on quality photography paper. I'm basically doing these for free but have to charge for materials used, paypal fees and postage/packing....the latter expense being part of the total cost of £6.

Compiled on "dylanisms" are tracks by: The Soup Greens, The Bitter Ind, Christopher and the Chaps, Erik, Evil Encorporated, The Myddle Class, Bobby Comstock and the Counts, The Empty Set, Jan & Dean, The Grass Roots, The Blue Things, The Daily Flash, The L.A. Teens, The Devons, The Bees, The Human Beinz, Eddie Hodges, The Mad Hatters and The Leathercoated Minds.

I've also got other homemade sets for sale......Here's my full list at this present time:

dylanisms £6
World Pacific Records - 3 CD set £18
a Milan Retrospection 1964 - 1968 £6
New Jersey Fragments 5 CD set £30
The Observation - donovanisms 2 CD set £12

All prices include worldwide shipping. Payment to my paypal account:

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ernie Roig who was a member of The Purple Avalanche. They had a 45 released on Roulette back in 1969 and their song 'When I Saw Her' was featured on my New Jersey Fragments collection. Ernie provided me with information about his band and I also obtained a photograph of The Bex from him. Follow the link for the update.

It's been a busy month collecting vinyl records, I've mostly been buying from UK dealers as the shipping from USA is way too expensive these days. I still buy from my regular US contacts as they now have my trust to deliver the goods in described condition as well as offering good deals on shipping when 5 or more singles are purchased. Plus they enter a 'low' value item on the import sticker so I'm not busted for tax when the shipment enters Britain. I pay enough fucking tax as it is, never mind being burned for buying vintage 45s.

Amongst my best buys this month have been an Italian release of The Gurus 'Come Girl' with picture sleeve, an obscure record by The Sintrifical Fours 'Changes', a long time want by The Lemon Pipers 'Quiet Please', The Sheppards 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home', Del Shannon's beat mover from 1965 'Move It On Over', The Music Machine 'The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly', plus lots of cheap 45s by The Association, Barry McGuire and The Turtles.

Another big find was Rubble #18 "Rainbow Thyme Wynders" which now completes my 20 vinyl LP set of Rubble that started way back in the 80s with "Psychedelic Snarl" on Bam Caruso. The former had a limited pressing in the 90s and I missed out on it and had to pay £26 to secure my copy here in 2013.

During the next month I'm going to start piecing together a Valiant Records set. This will be a 2 CD set and will focus on the pop, garage, folk-rock and psych sides released on this fabulous label from Los Angeles. I've been scouring the internet looking for some missing 45s and recently secured copies of The Fastest Group Alive and Lee Mallory releases that I needed.

till next time freaks........ 




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