Valiant Records, an independent record label from Los Angeles released some interesting 45s between 1965 - 1967. I'll list a selected discography of the records with the 60s garage, folk-rock, sunshine pop and psychedelic sound...
My plan is to create a compilation of these discs which will probably become 2 CDRs. I've got most of the selected 45s but still need to add those marked *

COREY WELLS AND THE ENEMYS - 'Say Goodbye To Donna'/'Sinner Man' (714) 1965
LOST ONES - 'Trouble In The Streets'/'Little Annie' (721) 1965
CANADIAN CLASSICS - 'I Don't Know'/'Gone Away' (723) 1965 *
MOTLEYS - 'I See Your Light'/'Louisiana' (724) 1965
LORDS - 'She Belongs To Me'/'On The Road Again' (725) 1965
DENNY PROVISOR - 'It Really Tears Me Up'/'She's Not Mine Anymore' (728) 1965
PLYMOUTH ROCKERS - 'Girl From The North Country'/'Roll Over Stephen Foster' (729) 1965
ASSOCIATION - 'One Too Many Mornings'/'Forty Times' (730) 1965
GRAINS OF SAND - 'She Needs Me'/'That's When Happiness Began' (736) 1966
PLYMOUTH ROCKERS - 'Don't Say Why'/'Walk A Lonely Mile' (737) 1966
MOTLEYS - 'My Race Is Run'/You' (739) 1966 *
ASSOCIATION - 'Along Comes Mary'/'Your Own Love' (741) 1966
STARBUCK & the RAINMAKERS - 'I (Who Have Nothing)'/'Let Your Hair Hang Long' (743) 1966
ASSOCIATION - 'Cherish'/'Don't Blame It On Me' (747) 1966
ALLIES - 'I'll Sell My Soul'/'Burning Flask' (748) 1966
LOOKING GLASS - 'Silver And Sunshine (How Wonderful My Love)'/'If I Never Love Again' (750) 1966
LEE MALLORY - 'That's The Way It's Gonna Be'/'Many Are The Times' (751) 1966
PEPPERMINT TROLLEY COMPANY - 'Peppermint Train'/'Bored To Tears' (752) 1966
WEST COAST BRANCH - 'Spoonful'/'Linda's Gone' (753) 1966
FASTEST GROUP ALIVE - 'The Bears'/'Beside' (754) 1966
ASSOCIATION - 'Pandoras Golden Heebie Geebies'/'Standing Still' (755) 1966
TERRY RANDALL - 'S.O.S'/'Tell Her' (756) 1966
ASSOCIATION - 'No Fair At All'/'Looking Glass' (758) 1967
FASTEST GROUP ALIVE - 'Lullabye'/'5:15 Sports' (759) 1967
COLLECTORS - 'Old Man'/'Looking At A Baby' (760) 1967
LEE MALLORY - 'Love Song'/'Take My Hand' (761) 1967
ART GUY - 'Teenage Millionaire'/'Where You Gonna Go' (762) 1967




  1. You're killing me with that collection. This is a pretty impressive back to back release for Valiant:

    GRAINS OF SAND - 'She Needs Me'/'That's When Happiness Began' (736) 1966
    PLYMOUTH ROCKERS - 'Don't Say Why'/'Walk A Lonely Mile' (737) 1966

  2. It is Morgan. Hopefully one day a re-issue label like Big Beat, Sundazed or Now Sounds etc can make a legit release of these Valiant sides.

  3. I've been collecting Valiant for years and have clean copies of all your missing titles. I'll make full-res .wavs of them for you and burn them to a CD-R if you like. Let me know if you have any non-starred titles that need better sources too.

    Al Quaglieri

  4. Hello Al

    I've got my sights on a missing Fastest Group Alive 45 but still need the others marked *

    I'd appreciate the others I'm missing burned to a CDR. Email me and I'll send you my address.

    When I've compleed my 2 CDR set I'll send you a copy.


  5. I have a CD-R ready for you, I got no response from my email to you.

    Al Q

  6. Sorry Al

    Your email must have straight into my deleted items as SPAM...I've a very strong anti-virus software.

    Please send CDR to:
    Colin Mason
    25 Holwick Close
    Tyne and Wear
    NE38 0QG


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