THE GUN - 'Race With The Devil'/'Sunshine' (CBS 3764) October 1968

The Gun evolved out of High Wycombe group The Knack, who incidently released six singles on labels Piccadilly and Pye. None of these proved successful but most sides are worth hearing especially the hard driving mod sound of 'She Ain't No Good' and the psych pop charmer 'The Lights On The Wall.'

Sometime during late 1967 The Knack changed their name to The Gun and over the course of the next six months or so had several changes in their line-up. They appear to have decided to continue as a powerful three piece with brothers Paul and Adrian Gurvitz with drumming responsibilities by Louie Farrell.

Their first single for CBS was the hard rocking 'Race With The Devil' that introduced a powerhouse approach tinged with prog especially with the weirdly wonderful screams from Paul Gurvitz. It sounds like a strange combination of Cream and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown but it worked and 'Race With The Devil' went Top 10.

The flip 'Sunshine' is just as good with a more laid back acid rock vibe notable for an incredible lead guitar solo that brings the song to a close. What an absolute killer debut 45. It proved to be one of those 'one hit wonders' and despite other releases The Gun never again achieved any chart success, but that ain't no big deal as The Gun rule and were one of the first groups to record what would be called 'heavy rock'....  

An excelent history of The Gun can be found on Paul Gurvitz official website here

pic sleeve image taken from 45cat


  1. Great tune! I always liked this one. Great Post Colin

  2. Love this song too. Always makes me feel so optimistic!

  3. Looks like Adrian had that ginger Afro goin' for him even then [:)]. And The Gun begat Three Man Army, then The Baker Gurvitz Army, and then (deep breath!) The Graeme Edge Band featuring Adrian Ben Gurvitz. Ya gotta love the 60s & 70s.


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