Due to the increase in world wide postal rates, especially the doubling in cost for 45s to be shipped from USA to the UK, I've more or less stopped buying 60s garage records from the States. I'll still purchase the odd one or two that are long time wants and within budget but I have not bought any imports since my March 'Freak Scene' update.

I have added several discs to my collection but these have been bought from UK dealers. I found a copy of The Driving Stupid's weirdo psycher 'Horror Asparagus Stories' and The Ascensions fuzz punker 'Forget It'.....both discs are in great condition, both are not the easiest to find and I got them for a combined price of £80....result!

At the moment I'm going through a massive Del Shannon period, in particular his less well known recordings from 1964 to 1967 when he was on the Stateside and Liberty labels. I've wrote about Del back in 2008 and posted his amazing 'Stand Up' from 1966 that sadly never got a release at the time. Check it out here. More from my new found hero on 'Flower Bomb Songs' over the next few weeks.

I've also been adding to my collection of Simon & Garfunkel 45s. I still love this combo after all these years. They were probably my gateway into 60s folk-rock before The Byrds. Back in the late 70s, when I was still at school, me and my mates would drink cheap lager and listen to each others records. Someone brought along 'The Sounds Of Silence' LP and I was hooked.

The only CD I've bought since my last update is 'Blows Against The Empire' by Paul Kantner. All of the material has input from Grace Slick with assorted help from David Crosby, Graham Nash and Jerry Garcia. Most of the material was written with The Jefferson Airplane in mind and may have come out as their record had the others been involved. They weren't, so it got a release on RCA as Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship...
Check it out if you dig the Airplane and/or San Fran hippie rock.  

My latest compilations are a 2CD set called "The Observation"  featuring groups and performers covering Donovan songs or versions of songs Donovan remade. I'm not going to go through the track-lists but compiled are The Soul Survivors, The Blues Project, The Hard Times, Keith Shields, Big Jim Sullivan, Tom Northcott, Hearts and Flowers, The Truth, Pandamonium, Eartha Kitt, The Aggregation, The Syndicate of Sound, The Greek Fountains, The Leather Boy, Herman's Hermits, The Mugwumps, Peter Fonda, The Roemans, The Knights Of Day, The Lamp Of Childhood, The Crystal Ball, The Standells, The Rising Sons, Keith Allison, The Leathercoated Minds and The Little Boy Blues.

5 copies only and due to the postal rate rise cost is £11 including shipping anywhere in the world.
If you want a copy pay the tallyman.... My paypal account is:

Till next time freaks!