THE CLIQUE - 'Splash 1'/'Stay By Me' (Cinema Records C-001) July 1967

Quite a lot of information exists online about The Clique so I won't dwell too much on their history only to confirm that most of the group were in The Lavender Hour of 'I've Got A Way With Girls' fame but after the latter broke up The Clique were formed out of their ashes.

From what I've read The Clique were a very popular outfit in Houston/Beaumont, Texas and this first 45 on local label Cinema Records proved successful enough to get Scepter Records interested to release and promote the single throughout USA. Some copies were on the Wand label but they're extremely hard to find.

'Splash 1' is an excelent version of the 13th Floor Elevators trippy ballad. Here, The Clique give a slightly pacier take and the use of keyboards adds to the mix. It should have been a nationwide smash but it didn't really cause much of a stir outside of Houston where it was a top selling number one hit. 

The pictures of The Clique were downloaded from their MySpace credit is due to whoever uploaded them in the first place.

Billboard September 1967


  1. Best version of this song!Also a very good band!


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