P.F. SLOAN - 'From A Distance'/'Patterns Seg. 4' (Dunhill 45-D-4024) January 1966

First time on 'Flower Bomb Songs' for the prolific singer/songwriter P.F. Sloan and I don't quite know why it's taken me so long! It's fair to say that Mr Sloan had greater success from his songs when other groups were recording them, which is a very strange situation indeed.

'From A Distance' is a perfect example of commercialized folk-rock and should have been huge in '66 but I don't think it sold that well, apart from in a handful of US States. I believe it was a big hit in Japan though where P.F. Sloan always maintained a high level of worship....at least according to the liners of the Big Beat retrospective CD titled 'Here's Where I Belong'.....a recommended release that regular visitors to my website will enjoy.

The oddly named flip 'Patterns Seg. 4' is quite an obscure song and was not compiled on the previously mentioned CD release. This cut is a Dylan inspired word play, though not in the slightest a political rant but a tongue-in-cheek humorous pastiche.....