FROM THE NEW WORLD - American Folk-Rock, Volume One, 1965-69 (Strange Things STZ 5004) 1990

I've been playing this classic 60s folk-rock compilation on a regular basis this month, even spending some hours mastering the vinyl to the digital format. It sounds very impressive, according to the liners on the back of the cover Phil Smee used mostly original 45s, mentioning that some mastertapes were long since missing.
I doubt that he had access to any of the mastertapes.

Since I bought this LP way back in 1990 I've purchased most of the 45s used, they're not that hard to find, especially from American dealers. Some are a little tricky though. I've still not managed to find a copy of 'Forever Eyes' by Peabody or The Palace Guard 'A Girl You Can Depend On'.....I must rectify those missing pieces from my jigsaw as I'd like to own every single used on this comp.

Some 60s freaks collect their 'Back From The Grave' style punkers but I'm mostly interested in folk-rock janglers and for my money, 'From The New World' is one of my favourite all time collections

Over the years I've even exchanged emails with band members from some of the groups featured..... Art Steinman from The Jagged Edge and John Darmiento from The Chozen Few....I got some cool information from them both, they couldn't believe anyone would be interested in their long forgotten records from the flipped-out decade. 

I wonder why Strange Things never got around to compiling a volume two?   

Side 1
     1. The Webs -  You Pretty Fool
     2. The Fountain Of Youth -  Take A Giant Step
     3. The Shaggs -  Ring Around The Rosie
     4. The Palace Guard -  All Night Long
     5. Corporate Image - I'm Not The Same
     6. Christopher & The Chaps - They Just Don't Care
     7. Peabody - Forever Eyes
     8. The Peppermint Trolley Co. -  Baby, You Come Rollin' Across My Mind
     9. The Left Banke -  coke ad

 Side 2
     1. The Sheppards -  When Johnny Comes Marching Home
     2. The Onion Rings -  I Feel Teardrops
     3. Uncle Sam & The War Machine - Hold On
     4. Dave & The Customs - I Ask You Why
     5. The Penthouse 5 -  In His Shadow
     6. The Jagged Edge -  How She's Hurtin' Me
     7. Evil Encorporated - All I Really Wanna Do
     8. The Chozen Ones -  How Many Times
     9. The Palace Guard -  A Girl You Can Depend On