TINO AND THE REVLONS - 'Lazy Mary Memphis'/'I'm Coming Home' (Dearborn Records D-530) September 1965

This combo had been releasing singles since the early 60s but none of them are 'Flower Bomb Songs' worthy, I've checked out some early recordings on YouTube and they mostly sound like Buddy Holly and that just ain't my scene.

My interest in them obviously lies with their Dearborn Records releases with 'I'm Coming Home' maybe the pick of the bunch. The A-Side 'Lazy Mary Memphis' is forgettable, I haven't even bothered to re-master it to the digital format. According to what I've read online, this side was a decent size hit in New York, so much so that it's believed that the group relocated from Michigan to NY.

Far superior is the garage style rocker on the flip. I wonder if this side ever got played during the 60s? Probably not, as the radio stations were all a little square back in '65 and only played top sides. 'I'm Coming Home' is a fast organ and guitar mover that really swings.

Tino and the Revlons proved popular enough for Dearborn Records to release an album which by all accounts is a decent effort of originals and cover versions. I've not heard anything from it but maybe it deserves a re-issue. Probably one of the few remaining 60s albums not to get the re-issue treatment.

According to the albums liners Tino and the Revlons consisted of:

Tino (vocals)
Hoot Gibson (drums)
Johnny Caoloa (lead guitar)
Cheech (keyboards)
so who played the bass guitar?

During my research I found out that Tino was murdered in Jamaica in January 1983. Some local thugs were mugging his wife, Tino stepped in to defend her but was then stabbed to death. I found an online newspaper report which I've added with this entry.

cover of 'By Request' album on Dearborn Records. I found this scan on Jadedtom's flikr page

Cashbox advert for first Dearborn single 'Little Girl, Little Girl'



  1. Joel Demartino6 May 2014 at 12:19

    Tino and The Revlons was actually from Upstate NY, the capital district area including Troy and Albany. They played local bars and toured mainly on the east coast. Every year in the late 60s and early 70s they appeared on the local MS (Jerry Lewis) telethon- almost considered the house band in the later years. They were very popular on the local scene and played a lot of covers from many of the 60's British invasion bands and 50's rockers. I think there are still some band members active on the local scene in the upstate area

    1. Sometime in the mid to late 60's a black organist from Troy (a graduate of Troy High) that I sort of remember as "TB" played with Tino and the Revlons. I know he played with Tino at Eugene's Side Door on Western Ave and I think he went on to do organ backup for a female singer (I sort of remember Maria Elena or something like that).

      Any idea who TB was and if he is still around Troy?

  2. Thanks Joel, for your information. Great to add to my post.


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