THE SURFARIS - 'Hey Joe Where Are You Going'/'So Get Out' (Decca 31954) June 1966

The Surfaris need no explanation on Flower Bomb Songs as everyone has probably heard their big surf hit 'Wipe Out!' but what isn't that well known about them is that in their later years The Surfaris developed a tough folk rock sound.
I suppose this change of direction was necessary to survive in an ever changing music scene. Surf would have been considered yesterday's papers in mid 1966.

It is believed that The Surfaris were one of the very first groups in the World to record 'Hey Joe', infact I've found a few debates on different forums where this particular topic has been discussed. Was it The Leaves? Was it The Surfaris? Who knows for sure?

The Surfaris probably recorded their version of 'Hey Joe' in late 1965, this may even be pin-pointed to November 1965. Gary Usher, it seems asked David Crosby if he could lay down a recording in the studio with The Surfaris. It's believed that Crosby was the musician who discovered this song. He had plans to record it with The Byrds, which of course they did with somewhat disappointing results.

Far more interesting for me is the ultra cool flip 'So Get Out' which sees The Surfaris adopting an exciting mid 60s rock 'n roll style of sound. Quite a tough sounding minor key lament and one which deserves more recognition. I love it when these experienced and professional bands decided to get with the hip sound because they usually delivered the goods.