THE LEATHER BOY - 'Jersey Thursday'/'Black Friday' (Parkway P-125) December 1966

If one ever needed proof that Milan a.k.a. The Leather Boy was a genius look no further than this obscure 45 on Parkway Records. I'm not convinced that it was actually released, I've never seen any evidence such as the label (either promo or stock copy) and no mention of the release in any of the trade magazines of the time. Long time record sleuths have never turned up any copies.

My copy is a white label test press with handwritten information on a blank label. It appears that the release would have been Parkway P-125. According to 'Teenbeat Mayhem' this serial number would have meant a December 1966 release.

I bought this recently from a Swedish record dealer. It appears that the disc originated from a dealer operating out of NYC who stated that he'd had this record in his collection for decades. I'm so glad to add this piece of wax to my collection as I tend to home in on psychedelia.

'Jersey Thursday' is a psychedelic infused baroque masterpiece with acid dripping from the grooves. The production is quite outstanding, Milan adds to the eeriness with his unique vocal delivery. This is one of those amazing songs that remain undiscovered for many years, in this case decades, before it's light shines brightly.
'Jersey Thursday' is a Donovan penned composition by the way, but Milan takes the song to another level....a psychedelic level.

It appears that Milan had days of the week on his mind as the flip is 'Black Friday'...this time around there is yet more sumptious baroque aural delight, it's a backdrop of pumping bass runs, groovy organ and robotic drumming.....this will take your mynd to places of inner bliss.


  1. Great Song Colin! Thanks For Posting

  2. Hi Colin. I´m betting the NYC dealer (well, New Jersey) was cwbparker. I bought mine from him some years ago. He recently had another one up for auction. All three copies have the exact same handwriting. They look dead alike. I wonder how many copies he´s got. The only person ever to say he actually owns an original with a printed label is GG/Buckeye.
    Cheers, Thomas.

  3. Thomas - I bought my copy from Jens L who advised me that it originated from a NYC record dealer. I assumed it came from cwbparker.


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