OK, so what have I been buying this month? I've exceeded my usual monthly budget on records which is approx £300. Most of that went early in March on The Leather Boy 'Jersey Thursday' white label test-press which I reviewed.

The fact is that there is just so many records I need to own but I'm sensible about obtaining them. I see 45s every day that I feel deserve to be in one of my boxes. If only I was a millionaire, I suppose plenty of record collectors feel like me. It's a bit of an addiction.....better buying records than wasting money on gambling, beer, cars or drugs. 

I've actually bought a CD this fact when I think about it '94 Baker Street Revisited' on RPM is the only CD I've bought so far this year! The sub-title of this disc is 'Poptastic Sounds From The Apple Era 1967-1968'....what you get is mostly demo recordings in poor sound. For the completist I'd say.

I've still managed to add several 45s, some of which are pictured. Delighted to get the Bill Soden one on Compass. 'Rainy Day' is sheer class and I plan to review it soon here. I've also been after The Surfaris 'So Get Out' on Decca.....this is their tough sounding folk-rock recording. The other side is a decent version of 'Hey Joe'...this is quite hard to find, well it took me about six months.
I still buy records from new bands as long as they sound 60s and try to be as authentic as possible. I've obtained the new one from The Higher State 'Ain't It Hard', The Market Squares and The Kumari...the latter are definately one to watch in the future. Quite an outstanding three song single.
 I've also deactivated my Facebook account as I was spending way too much time on there with little reward. I'd rather spend what spare time I have re-mastering  and researching 45s. Working five days a week certainly impinges on my spare time and I just couldn't do both.
I may be back on Facebook after I've had a break but to be honest I don't think people were ready for my wit and sarcasm.

This month I've made contact with members of an obscure L.A. group called Starbuck & the Rainmakers. They released one record on Valiant. I'll update their entry soon as I obtained a group photo and line-up.

Also got some good information from a member of The Trophies. I wrote about them last year I think. Entry updated accordingly.

Only today I received an email from John Sherwin who played lead guitar for The Mo-Shuns. He sent me a photo. I'll update that entry also.