THE BOYS - 'It Ain't Fair'/'I Want You' (PYE 7N.15726) 1964

I recently bought this sought after record by The Boys, although I usually don't bother with records in only VG- condition I made an exception with this 45 for two reasons. The first one being that it's quite rare and secondly, soon after the release of this record The Boys changed their name to The Action and would eventually become the mod gods of London.

Both sides are neat 60s beat, the kind of sound that was dominating the charts in 1964. It was recorded then released a couple of months after The Boys returned from Hanover, Germany. They had been there playing a local club for six hours each night, six days a week for several months.

Once back in England they recorded two Reg King originals both produced by Kenny Lynch. The record came and went without any chart action but it did give them enough of a buzz to become the support band for The Who at The Marquee during 1965.   

For a long time it was believed that Pete Watson, on guitar, did not perform on these recordings and joined the band when they became known as The Action, however it has been confirmed within the recent Action book "In The Lap Of The Mods" that he did partake in the sessions.....This means the line-up on this disc was:

Reg King (vocals)
Alan King (lead guitar)
Pete Watson (rhythm guitar)
Mike Evans (bass)
Roger Powell (drums)