THE BLACK SHEEP - 'It's My Mind'/'Arthur' (Columbia 4-43666) May 1966

Here's a group from La Canada, CA that seem to have slipped under most people's radar, including me. I bought this single recently on a whim mainly because it was on the Columbia label and the serial number put it somewhere in mid 1966.

I'm glad I made the purchase because 'It's My Mind' is an excelent folk-rock jangler with an unusual spoken intro and fits perfectly on 'Flower Bomb Songs' site...The flip 'Arthur' is a choice rhythm and blues instro with pumping bass runs and screeching harp. The lead quitarist also lays down some solid lines....think teenbeat Butterfield Blues Band and you'll get the picture. Quite how this only got a score of '3' in 'Teenbeat Mayhem' ?? once again demonstrates to me that some of the old sages had no ears.

I've also noted that The Black Sheep had two other 45s so I'm hoping to add those to my collection some day. This release, and their first of two on Columbia, got some publicity with mentions in Billboard and a full page advert in Cash Box in June 1966. The latter had some vital information about the members of Black Sheep and their line-up:

Michael Mongeon (rhythm guitar)
Buddy McCabe (bass)
Dean Pedersen (drums)
Mark Harman (vocals/organ)
Joe Masterson (lead guitar)

The producer of both sides of this disc was Jerry Riopelli who was a member of The Parade and had also produced music by The We Five and later, the excelent Brewer & Shipley material.

Cash Box - June 1966