THE ACTION - 'Action Speaks Louder Than' (Dojo LP03) 1985

The missing link between The Action and Mighty Baby were the five fully fledged recordings from mid 1968 that remained in the can for almost twenty years. That was until they were released as a mini LP by Dojo in 1985.

It's still the best place to hear these recordings by the way. When Big Beat re-issued the first Mighty Baby album on CD back in '94 they tagged on all five songs contained on 'Action Speaks Louder Than' but believe me you need this Dojo vinyl to hear them in far superior sound.

It's believed that The Action recorded these songs at Morgan Studios in Willesden some time during the Summer of 1968 and not long after singer Reggie King departed to pursue a solo career. By this time they had added two permanent new members, Ian Whiteman (keyboards, flute, vocals)...he also played on the 'Rolled Gold' sessions, and blues guitarist Martin Stone who had earlier played with The Savoy Blues Band.

All five songs were written and probably sung by Ian Whiteman and despite the fact that they were demonstatrations and not meant for release they're full of sparkle and a late 60s vibe not unlike the late period Small Faces tunes. I don't think they sound like demos at all, way too good. Maybe they just needed some more mixing or something. I'm no expert but the songs sound ready for release to me or maybe I've just listened to raw 60s garage punk for 30 odd years so I know what 'rough' really sounds like...

songs on 'Action Speaks Louder Than'

Only Dreaming
Dustbin Full Of Rubbish
An Understanding Love
My Favourite Day
A Saying For Today

***** for some reason Dojo used a picture of The Action from 1967. The blond haired Reggie King (centre) was not part of these recordings. Having said that, their art Department made a splendid job with the image, tinting it pink on a black background giving the sleeve an almost blacklight luminescence *****