KEVIN SHANE - 'Come Morning Time'/'I'm Gonna Change' (World Pacific 77907) 1968

This one is a bit of a mystery. I've done some research but can't find out a thing about Kevin Shane. So who was he and did he record anything before or after this 45 on World Pacific? If anyone knows please get in touch.

The big sound of 'I'm Gonna Change' is often described in sales lists as a 'mod dancer' (whatever that means?) I just call it a well produced 60s pop mover with some strings and things. I've heard this type of mod sound by the short-lived Shotgun Express from England. Which leads me to wonder if Kevin Shane is English, as this kind of bag doesn't sound like American pop to me even though it's on a label out of Los Angeles.

Tommy Amato wrote both sides of the disc. The top side 'Come Morning Time' is a little bit too twee for me.

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