CALUM BRYCE - 'Love-Maker'/'I'm Glad' (Conder PS 1001) 1968

This is such an AWESOME record but I feel like such a flake because I know nothing about Calum Bryce. I'm assuming that he was a solo performer but then again I see that 'Love-Maker' has three surnames in the credit, including the producer of this disc, Howard Conder. The latter, incidently, probably coughed up the cash for the record to be manufactured and released on his own label, Conder Music.
Howard Conder was a drummer in various 60s groups including Joe Brown and the Bruvvers and The Baron Knights.

'Love-Maker' has that typically British mod backbeat with monstrous bass guitar lines, vaguely trippy guitar and some studio FX. What a sound they created with this one. So powerful and above all else memorable. How was this not a hit record? all know why of course.....small indie label with no promotion = a long lost rarely heard jewel. 

An original of this 45 will now fetch anything between £400 to £600, they hardly ever get offered for sale though! Recently, I found out that some enterprising soul has bootlegged a copy and this is what I've added to my collection. Sound quality and vinyl used is first class......just like 'Love-Maker' itself.


  1. I really like this song and I've been told too that it apparently started out as an advert jingle for Woodpecker Cider, where the bit that became 'Love maker love maker' was originally 'Woodpecker woodpecker'! Though I've never heard it!

  2. I've never heard of the Woodpecker Cider advert jingle link before. Who knows it could be true. It would have been catchy enough that's for sure.

    When I was doing my research on this record one of the few places it was listed was in one of those old UK psych fanzines 117. Whoever wrote the couple of lines in that didn't think much of the B-Side 'I'm Glad' which to my ears is good 60s pop.


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