THE JOYRIDE - 'His Blues'/'Land Of Rypap Papyr' (World Pacific 77888) 1968

The third and final Joyride 45 was the vocal harmony instro 'Land Of Rypap Papyr' which sounds almost like some lysergic nursery rhyme without words, just cascading harmonies. Quite a unique sounding tune with an unbelievably complex arrangement and not something that would be bought by the masses. No chance that this could have been a hit.

Far more commercial is the superb flip 'His Blues' written by Association member Jules Alexander. This is a typical Los Angeles flower power sound with some lovely acoustic guitar, male/femme vox, tambourine and eastern style sitar. Check out the line below which indicates that we're going on a trip....

"He's gonna get some strychnine poison
And mix it up with some S.T.P"

I'd love to know more information about Joyride so please get in touch if you can shed some light on this obscure group.

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