John Bruce ("My friends call me 'Bruce' "), from Westchester, who was serving in the U.S. Coast Guard in Long Beach, Calif. at the time sent me several photographs he took of
The Avengers outside and inside The Revelaire Club, Redondo Beach, CA. 

The Avengers would embrace folk-rock and rename themselves The Roosters in 1965. 

Thank you Bruce for preserving such historical pix.


  1. Oh man what fond memories of the Revalaire do i have!! My buddie and me never missed a Saturday night.It was absolutely the best! Then off to Mc Donalds or A&W for rootbeer and burgers.

  2. WOW! This is great! I never knew there was another group called The Avengers. With the exception of a "studio" group that came out with the theme to "Batman". They were later forced (by our manager, Dave Lee) to change their name to The Revengers, I believe. But I didn't know about these guys. How cool. And their collar-less pastel blue jackets are almost exactly like the ones we wore. (You can see them in the pic of us at the Beach Boy opening. But anyway, would love to hear any recordings of these guys... >Gerry Blake


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