KNIGHTS OF DAY - 'Everybody Needs Somebody To Love'/'Why Do You Treat Me So Bad' (Tower 245) June 1966

Recently I was contacted by Knights Of Day bassist Jim Murphy and he kindly filled me in with accurate information about his largely overlooked mid 60s band.

Three teenagers from Long Beach, California, named Ron Eglit (lead guitar), Barry Greenberg (rhythm guitar) and Chuck Letzelter drums) got together and started practicing their instruments in Ron's garage. This was early 1965 and they were all pretty much knocked out by the Brit Invasion groups and like many US teens during that period in time decided to form a Rock 'N' Roll combo to impress the girls.

Soon after, Jim Murphy (bass) and Cal Buser (organ) joined the trio and The Knights Of Day were born. Several months of rehearsals gave them the tightness and tough edge required to stand out from other contenders.

Gigs were easy to come by at High Schools around the Long Beach area, as well as La Mirada and Huntington Park. The band built up a steady and loyal following and this eventually led to bigger gigs in Hollywood such as The Hullabaloo on the Sunset Strip.
It was at one such gig that The Knights Of Day got their big break when they were talent spotted by popular Los Angeles radio personality Casey Kasem. He would become their manager which also led to stints on TV Show "Shebang" to promote their debut 45 'Everybody Needs Somebody To Love'.

This is a solid garage style cover of 'Everybody Needs Somebody To Love' with cool clattering tambourine throughout, chunky bass runs and punk guitar. As with most Tower releases, the music is also very well produced and engineered.

The flip 'Why Do You Treat Me So Bad' is currently uncompiled. The writer credit is Cal Buser.  This song is pleasant 60s pop with jangle and has or rather would have had a lot of commercial appeal in 1966.

Jim kindly sent me a gig poster and a clipping from a local newspaper, dated May 1966. The article provides much needed information about the Knights Of Day.


KACY Radio Survey June 1966. The Knights Of Day in at number 32

I first wrote about The Knights Of Day on 7th May 2007 and my posting received several comments:

Knights of Day were a local Southern California band managed by Casey Kasem, I was a teenage girlfriend and I saw them many time and I have the 45 pictured still today, aaaaa youth...Cal Buser was the lead singer and his version of True Loves Ways was killer....Soupy Sales nephew was also in the band if I remember right...long time ago so don't hold me too it.. anon

Hey, I was just going through some old boxes and found a couple pics of Cal. I was also one of their followers. They were great and I had a mad crush on Cal. My girlfriend was their fan club pres. But lost track of everyone. Wish I could hear their record again. Cal taught me to chord the song "Why do you treat me so bad" Wow memories. Does anyone know what happened to them. Or what happened to Patti...
You know my girlfriend was also a fan and there un-official photographer, I will email her she may know what happened to them. I'm sure she still has lots of pics of them. I had a terrible crush on Chuck the drummer....anon

As mentioned, The Knights of Day were a Local So Cal band managed by Casey Kasem. Kasem also hosted a weekly dance at the Hawthorne Teen Center were I saw them perform many times. Their hook was in trading off instruments during their performances. When I was a senior in high school, I hired them to play at a dance at Junipero Serra High School in Gardena. I had also seen them at St. Mary's in Inglewood. I still have one of their singles. I think it's a cover of "Hey Joe"...anon..

 Wow!!! This is totally awesome. My dad bought me this record at a flea market in 1972, when I was 3; actually an entire box of promotional - not for sale - DJ Copy - 45's, from the mid 1960's.

This record was one of my favorites all throughout my childhood and teenage years. I memorized all the labels when I was 4, although I couldn't read yet, but this label you posted is the exact same one I had on my record, too.

Needless to say, some of my records were lost in an accident in 1990. While I was able to obtain the commercially labeled replacement copies for most of them; I've been looking for this one for over 20 years, and was starting to fear that I might never hear this song again, ever.

Thank you so very much for posting this recording, you have made my decade, by making it possible for me to hear this song, again.

It sounds like you have taken very good care of your copy. I seriously doubt if this song was ever released, so this record may be worth quite a lot. anon

Good evening.  I was so surprised to come across your website - regarding the Knights of Day.  Could you please contact me -  I would love to get a copy of the recording of Why do you treat me so bad - Cal Buser was my husband, and he passed away December 27, 1982... Suzanne Goetz

I recently came across your knights of Day post and thought I would fill in some areas that were missed on the group and early history. I feel qualified as I was the bassist for the Virtues prior to Jim Murphy. 

My name is Mike Wirthlin and I was the original bass player for the Virtues! The original keyboard player prior to Cal Buser was J.R.Wells. Prior to forming the Virtues Ron, Chuck and myself were in a group together that was formed about 1961 called the Emeralds. 

They broke up as Bob Sheets who had heard us play was forming a group that was going to be called Adrian and the Sunset's. He had big plans for them and coerced Ron and our sax player Bruce Ridder to be part of this group. That group lasted about a year, cut an album and two singles. I joined a group called The Fabulous Surf Riders and free lanced with a Poly High School band called Little Willie and Pyramids which had a big hit called "Penetration" and had a small showing in the Movie Beach Blanket Bingo where they all shaved there heads as a contrast to the Beatles who had just come in to vogue.

I hope this may help update your history on the Knights and fill in some holes that Jim most likely was not familiar with. I am also sending you a picture of the group shortly after Cal joined the band.
Yours in Rock n Roll, Mike Wirthlin

The Virtues - 1965 -
members: back left Mike Wirthlin
middle Barry Greenberg front left Ron Eglet front right Cal Buser forground Chuck Letzlelter

KNIGHTS OF DAY - 'Hey Gyp'/'Distinguished Metal Salesman' (CMC 1,000,000) January 1967

The Knights of Day had another 45 release, this one on CMC. 'Hey Gyp' was paired with 'Distinguished Metal Salesman'. This record took me several years to track down and it became obvious to me that it's very obscure.

'Hey Gyp' is the often covered Donovan tune this time given the Sunset Strip treatment with snarly vocals, pounding bass runs, organ and fuzz action. It's a really excelent performance that sounds not unlike the more rockin' Rolling Stones cuts.

The flip 'Distinguished Metal Salesman' is a group original which has a folk-rock edge with some harmonies.

Lead guitarist Ron Eglit appears to have been the only group member to continue in the music business. He became the bass player in Dick Dale's group for many years.


The following photographs and ephemera have been sent in to me by Jim Murphy from California. 


  1. Awesome informative post about these guys Colin! I've always had some 'thing' for that Tower label. Despite it being the neglected little sister at a big label there are some top drawer singles and LPs on it, and some fun period oddities.

  2. I think the Tower logo is a brilliant design.
    The black/red mix of colour is just perfect and the wat the 't' wraps around the record label....


  3. Charlie was my best friend. While there are scores of people who can say the very same thing, I was the one given the honor to offer the eulogy at his memorial.
    I found this cite tonight because I was browsing trying to find the date of Chuck's passing. I believe it was Jan 11.
    I met Charlie, Ron, Barry, JR Wells and Mike Worthlin in 1964. They were "The Virtues". About a year or so later I was introduced to Cal. He was sporting a Cockney accent and claimed to be Cal Davidson, Dave Clark's cousin. He was a riot that one.
    On my wedding day, when the best man forgot our rings, I ended up getting married by my groom placing one of Chucks rings on my finger. Marcel and Charles stood in for my parents who were unable to be there.
    For some unknown reason, the evening after the memorial, Sharon asked me to come and get a box. What I got was a box filled with every photo of the boys that Charlie's mother had taken over the years. I've been meaning to give them to Jim Murphy but I just never got to it. May be this year. Anyway thank you for this Upload. Should you come accross a recording of a "Abolene" being done as a duet with Cal and some girl? That would be me. Anne Carson Harman 

  4. Thanks for your info Anne. More photos to follow.

  5. This message is for Anne Carson Harman - if you read this message Anne, can you please contact me at and I will put you in touch with Knights Of Day bass player Jim Murphy. Jim is very interested in seeing those photographs you have of his old 60s group.

    thank you

  6. Barry, call Rolf

  7. Ron Eglit later went to play guitar for Dick Dale in 1979, and later switched to bass. I have seen him on stage with Mr. Dale at least three times already.

  8. I have some more Photos of The Knights of Day.. how do I get them to you ?

    1. Roland - any photos can be sent to my email address:
      I will credit you accordingly.

    2. Roland - you can send any photos you have direct to Jim Murphy if you prefer..... Jim has just asked me to mention this.

    3. Contact Jim via email:

  9. Cal Buser and I were best friends 1963-1965(I was drafted) and then as couples after my return from Vietnam. During our employment at McDonalds in Paramount we did everything together. We used to sing at a pizza parlor in Compton from time to time. We would cruise Harvey's in Downey in his 1963 Riviera and made a couple of trips to Tiajuana. What fun we had. Cal married Carla and had a daughter circa 1967 and we used to get together and play cards and listen to his records. Sadly Cal passed away many years ago. Carla implied there were major issues that were too painful to recount so the entire story remains a mystery to me. I sure would have loved to see him again.
    Pat Kight

  10. Contact me if you want pictures of the band. 1966-67.

    1. Alan, I'm the owner of this website and write every article. If you have any photos of The Knight Of Day please send them to my email address:
      I will give you full credit if desired.


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