DISRAELI - 'Tomorrow's Day'/'Humidity 105' (Mantra Records DL-002) 1967

The toughest Disraeli 45 to locate is their first from 1967. It took me several years to find a copy and I probably paid a little too much for it as it wasn't in the best condition. However, as it was the last piece in my Disraeli jigsaw, I needed to own it.

Both sides of their debut disc are stunning loner folk-rock. The production isn't the best that you'll ever hear but that has never concerned me in the past. It's all to do with the feel and vibe of the songs for me and both 'Tomorrow's Day' and 'Humidity 105' have that special quality.

As far as I know both songs have yet to be compiled, surely an indication of the disc's obscurity.

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