PETER & GORDON - 'Lady Godiva'/'Morning's Calling' (Columbia DB 8003) September 1966

I've not got any other Peter & Gordon record in my collection apart from this single from September 1966.
Peter & Gordon have always sounded way too wimpy for my tastes and their squaresville image didn't help either.

However, I was hipped to this 45 by Mole from The Higher State last year and I'm glad he waved their flag. The top side 'Lady Godiva' hit the top 20 in the UK but I'm far more interested in the hidden gem on the flip. 'Morning's Calling' is a wondeful folk-rock jangler, written by the duo themselves.

I'm wondering if I've missed out on any more of their recorded underground sounds.

Japan issue

Denmark issue


  1. I have to say that this is by far the best thing I have ever heard from these guys. And, like yourself, I also have to wonder what other gems I might have missed. Great post!

  2. I always Like this Tune! Good post

  3. Wonderful track - you don't need to hear The Beatles or REM after this - all their work is tied up in this 3 minute masterpiece!
    I always (mistakenly) thought this was an A side, but I think all the rest of their stuff was pretty disposable folk duo meanderings.
    Many thanks for post, the original 45's sound is infinitely better than any re mastered version - the vibrato/reverb on last ring off is what we draw breath for.............
    Ian B


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