Next up is Part Two of my killer collection of 'New Jersey Fragments'. Last month I made six sets and kept one myself. I then offered the 5CD set free to the first five takers. These all went the same same day to good homes.

All I asked for was payment to cover the cost of materials, ink and photography paper, the vinyl style CD discs used and shipping costs. The physical format is obviously better sound quality than compressed 320 kbps MP3s. Also, I've discovered that due to copyright laws some tracks are non-downloadable from MediaFire.

This is why I'll still make 5 CD copies of any compilation I create to offer to those who want one. When or if all copies are 'sold' I will then offer the comp as a download via MediaFire.

I've checked my upload for Part Two and have tested every MP3. They ALL download for me but be aware that MediaFire have listed The Driving Stupid's 'Horror Asparagus Stories' as copyrighted. This means that some folks may be unable to download this track.


  1. Marvelous stuff - thank you.

  2. A lot of good stuff here! A big Thank You!

  3. Fantastic Tunes,It's great to hear these rare songs.Thank You

  4. I like this one the best so far. Thanks again for Posting them.


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