THE TRASHMEN - 'Same Lines'/'Hanging On Me' (Tribe Records 45-8315) April 1966

I can't begin to tell you how much their hit 'Surfin' Bird' annoys the shit outta me. I simply detest it, some records have that impact on me and that is certainly one of those. It took me over 30 years to buy a Trashmen record as I thought they'd all have the same kind of dumb novelty approach, especially judging the song titles.....'Bird Dance Beat', 'Ubangi Stomp' and 'Bird '65'....I've never heard these and don't wish to.

'Same Lines' is happening though. I first heard it on the comp 'Mayhem and Psychosis Volume 3' and thought it was a real gone winner. Pissed off Dylanesque rants with a repetitive riff. The singer just ain't happy with life and I can see why as his girl and everyone else is giving him the 'same lines.'

The flip 'Hanging On Me' is a superb folk-rock jangler and is still surprisingly uncompiled. The Trashmen should have explored this type of music much more often. It appears that they broke up soon after this Tribe Records release. Mark Charron who wrote 'Hanging On Me' was a prolific song-writer and his material was recorded by B.J. Thomas and The Partridge Family.


  1. Prefer fake Dylan over unhinged mania of "Surfin' Bird?" Another loony Brit....

  2. I'd prefer rabies over Dylan....another loony non-Brit


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