THE NASHVILLE TEENS - 'I'm A Lonely One' (New World NW 6002) 1972

By the time the very first Nashville Teens album was released in 1972 they had effectively disbanded. This was a strange release on New World as it contained some old hits like 'Tobacco Road' but mostly misses in the form of 'All Along The Watchtower' and 'Biggest Night Of Her Life'...

The outstanding cuts were reserved for Side 2. Here, the casual listener was probably bewildered by the tripped out psychedelia of 'I'm A Lonely One' and the strange 'Ex Kay One Lx'. The beautiful acid folk reverie of 'Day And Night' is a pure joy, so to is the delightful 'Widdicombe Fair'.

These four songs probably date from 1968 and were unreleased at the time. 'I'm A Lonely One' b/w 'Ex Kay One Lx' would have made a perfect psych single. It's a crime that they weren't released at the time.


Radically different version of "Widdicombe Fair" to that which appeared on the posthumous LP released on New World in 1972. While the LP version mines a deep trance acid folk furrow, this version only released in Hungary on Qualiton in 1970 on 45 is a heavier funk rock take